Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips for a Tuesday - Things to Bring to Your Craft Show

It happens every time. You've dragged yourself out of bed at some ungodly hour to haul yourself to a craft show. You've packed up your car, grabbed a cup of coffee and have arrived at the venue to unpack.

And then it hits you: Oh, crap, I forgot my (something entirely too necessary - a table cloth, change, business cards, sense of humor)!

Well, to help eliminate some of that stress, I've compiled a list of things that are usually pretty helpful to have. This is a culmination of other lists found all over the internet (this one has 160+ suggestions!) in addition to things I happen to find of particular use.

These are all good for both indoor & outdoor shows.

   * Your smile. People are much more willing to stop and look at your wares if you're wearing a smile. Yes, at times I want to throttle some of the people who make particularly annoying comments, but really, just kill them with kindness.
   * Tables, tablecloths and/or skirts
   * Chairs
   * Products & extra inventory - it's always better to have extra than not enough!
   * Displays & decorations
   * Price tags or lists - whatever you use, make sure it's easy to read from a bit of a distance
   * Business cards
   * Banner or sign with business name
   * Mailing list sign-up (if applicable)
   * Bags or boxes for purchases & tissue paper or protective wrapping
   * Receipts
   * Calculator
   * Pens
   * Change
   * Forms of payment sign - if you accept credit cards, you can download the logos here.
   * Cooler with water and something to keep hunger at bay.    
   * Inventory list
   * Money box or other container
   * Cell phone and/or laptop
   * Square reader for credit-card payments
   * Knucklebuster card imprinter in case there’s no wi-fi. Also, a list of things needed to process transactions.
   * Custom order forms
   * Something to work on if it’s slow
   * Fix-it tools in case damage occurs to item
   * Scissors
   * Tape
   * Extension cords, power strips, adapters
   * Lighting (always good to have your own!)
   * Any other tools you might need (hole punch, stapler, safety pins, etc.) I always find binder clips to be useful.
   * Camera

These are all good your outdoor shows.

    * Tent or canopy
    * Panels for sides
    * Concrete blocks or weights to secure tent; if you bring gallon jugs of water to drink, you can also use those as weights.
    * Rope
    * Sunscreen
    * Comfortable clothes/ extra layers/ blanket
    * Extra water
    * Sunglasses
    * Paperweights to keep business cards/promotional material from blowing away

I'm sure there are many other things that people find useful. I'd love to hear about your must-haves in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog post Maggie! I have been meaning to create a list of my own and now I don't have to (:


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