Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring on a playmat

Spring is here! I know this, because my allergies make me sneeze 3 to 10 times in a row while walking to work. But seeing bright, colorful images is a wonderful part of spring. Stacey Sharman (also known as PeppermintPinwheels on Etsy) creates handmade quilts and homemade accessories; the items that my eyes really love going back to are the baby mats and blankets.

Of all her padded baby mats, Stacey's "Padded Baby Play Mat with Rabbits and a Squirrel" is my favorite, probably because of bright mix of colors (green being my favorite). There's something about the combination of green, pink, white, rabbits, a deer, and a squirrel that shouts "SPRING" at my eyes; the best part is that my eyes don't get puffy and watery and my nose doesn't run when I see this image. Spring without the allergies? Yes, please!

Handmade using canvas-weight cotton on one side, and a soft heavy brown cotton on the other wise, the comfortability of these play mats is safe enough for your baby or toddlers to crawl around on and have fun with. The quilting is done in a diamond pattern with a lime green thread and the edges have been double stitched for added stability, so these bundles of love will last through constant play time and laundry days!

At approximately 24" by 38", this is the perfect item to take to the park, beach, or any outing to let your little one play on; here's yet another item to keep in mind for new moms! Many of Stacey's items are also customizable, so your baby can grow up with a personalized play mat with big, bold letters.

To top off this cute play mat, 5% of proceeds from Stacey's shop are donated to Kiva, an organization that provides small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. To find out more, visit:

Check out PeppermintPinwheels's listing on Etsy now: Padded Baby Play Mat with Rabbits and a Squirrel!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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