Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get Crafting! Long lists of Tutorials.

I was inspired by a link that Kendra of Girl on Bike sent me of a list of 25 different craft tutorials. I thought, hey, why not find other lists so that we could all have a bunch to choose from? Who doesn't like a little variety?

Here is the first list (25 tutorials) including lampshades, slippers, magnets and wallets.

Dollar Store Crafts gives us 52! more craft ideas including a

cushion cover,

a book page necklace,

and so much more.

Wow! That's 77 craft ideas! Let's find some more.

The Long Thread is one of my favorite blogs, and they have a compilation of 50 craft ideas just in time for spring.

The list includes a flower pinwheel,

a bird feeder,

and a bicycle bucket

That should keep you busy for a while.

Do you have any favorite craft tutorial lists? Share them here!

And, Happy Creating!


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