Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tale As Old As Time

For a dress twice as old as me, this is lookin' good. Before I read the description, I immediately thought Beauty & the Beast, because of the beautiful golden yellow, and then I saw it described as:

"BEAUTY & THE BEAST GOLD BELLE, Size 4, Custom Made Original 50s Prom Gown"

Divelegant on Etsy has some gorgeously pictured vintage dresses in her shop, but this fairy tale dress was the one that really caught my eye, with its carefully composed photograph.

I've heard yellow is a hard color to wear, depending on your skin tone; however, I see this golden belle color fitting many different people well. I'm not particularly a girl for gowns, but just imagining getting fancy in this dress for whatever reason seems like a grand idea. I feel that if I put this dress on, I'd randomly burst into song. There's something sweet and almost kind ... this gown is most certainly refined.

Whether you're a girl who's looking for the perfect prom dress, a wedding, or something for a fancy holiday party, I don't see why this wouldn't catch your eye (besides looking for something to wear to the Black & White ball). While we generally think of dark, rich colors and longer gowns for winter occasions, since this is more of a golden color rather than bright canary yellow, I think it's a dress that would go well in any season, given the right accessories, shoes, etc. It's definitely a look that will bring warmth to your lucky date's heart or will turn heads, and perhaps catch the eye of an onlooker who may very well think to himself, "There may be something there that wasn't there before."

Come on, who doesn't like Disney?

Before I get to mushy, gushy, and lovey-dovey over this dress, divelegant can also make a 8" x 5" photograph with this dress at your request. I don't know much about vintage shopping, but to all the vintage shoppers out there, this looks like something that would be lovely to own. It's just so beautiful.

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

Love & donuts,

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