Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Fairs Galore

Hello all! I'm back this month with craft fair deadlines galore. So, if you're still needing to fill up some empty weekends with fairs and festivals to sell your lovely wares at, then look no further!

Also, in response to the feedback I have received from teammates, I am going to make every attempt to include more craft fairs that cost LESS THAN $100 to sell at. So here goes!

From Another BullWinkle, we have several fairs coming up!
1. Chocolate and Chalk Festival in North Berkeley: deadline is May15th and the event is on June 4th. $125 for a 10X10 booth
2. Fourth of July at the Berkeley Marine: deadline to apply is June 15th (early bird deadline is today and saves you $25) and costs $125. On July 4th of course! 10X10 booth
3. Berkeley Kite Festival. Deadline is May 31st and the event is on July 30 and 31. 10X10 booth and $200 to be a vendor.

Other fairs with upcoming deadlines:
1. Treasure Island Flea - deadline: depends on which one you're applying for. The first weekend for this event is May 28th and 29th. The great thing, this event is only $99 to sell at! For a 2-day show that can't be beat. This is a new event, so my suspicion is that the fee will go up if their attendance justifies it.
2. Also, Indie Mart is back in action! I am most very excited about this one. It's a fun event and worth every penny if you ask me! More details here: Indie Mart. There are three price points for spaces: $80, $95, and $155. Check out the website for size descriptions.
3. Solano Stroll. A great neighborhood street fair. $150 for a 10X10 booth (there is also a $10 jurying fee.) The deadline to apply is June15th, and the event is on September 11th.

AND DON'T FORGET!!! If you're interested in joining several of us EBAC members at the next Art Murmur at the 25th Street Collective, there is room for one or two more artists. Just send me a message at

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!

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