Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get inspired by your favorite song.

Sometimes I stand in front of my studio table and my brain and hands seem to not be in communication. I can't get them to agree on what I should spend my time doing. And, everything my hands make, my mind analyzes to bits. One thing I have found lately that seems to distract me from myself is music. I am not one to listen to music while I work in my studio (no reason why, just never really thought of having music in my ears while I make stuff), but I do find that watching people perform is really inspiring. Some singers ooze emotion and passion and watching them do their magic usually gets me going!

Mick Jagger has endless amounts of energy when he performs. Watch him run around stage and see if it helps you get geared up to go create!

I have never really listened to Christina Aguilera's albums, but I caught her performance at the 2007 Grammys and was absolutely floored. Talented. Made me want to work at what I do in order to grow.

And, if you like rap and hip hop, this is a must see. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon show us all how to have a good time, let go and be free with music. This always makes me smile.

So, what's your favorite music to listen to while you work (if you do that).

Or, is there a song you heard lately that totally revved you up to create? Send me a link, I want to hear it.

Happy Creating!

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