Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: One of a Kind Necklace

I recently sent my best friend a "care package" for starting grad school, which included various playing card related items (such as "chocolate cards" and dice with card suits on them instead of numbers). Though I know zip about poker, having a best friend obsessed with cards makes me more aware and attentive to things with the combination of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

Bronwen Mauch (also know as TirelessHearts on Etsy) handcrafts unique charms upcycled bicycle materials. Bronwen has recently started a new series called "The Love Letters" which features pendant designs of card suits and "Love". Carefully created with standard card colors, the Queen of Hearts 2 necklace is made from red and pink latex and black butyl tubing.

Shipped ready to wear, the pendant comes on a coated stainless steel cable at choker length. Bronwen's necklace is a cutely rough square that would be a nice surprise to fall out of a love letter to your object of affection, especially if the love of your life is a poker player or card dealer. Or, on the other hand, if it's something that's your style, pick it up for yourself and show off your love for card suits right where your collarbone meets. As Bronwen says, "Hopefully, love is a gamble that pays off." And hey, you can love yourself and give yourself a gift, too!

Check out TirelessHearts's listing on Etsy now: Queen of Hearts 2, loveletter-style!

Bronwen also has an upcoming show in San Francisco THIS WEEKEND at Hecho Local! Like Tireless Hearts on Facebook and get updates and find out more! For more information on Hecho Local, click here.

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

Love & donuts,

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