Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabulous Art Exhibits

Last Sunday, I stopped into SWARM gallery in Oakland. "In the Bracken" was being shown.

The digital image does not do this piece justice. Everything is shiny, golden, richly textured. The brush style reminded me of traditional Japanese brush painting. Gorgeous. SWARM is such a great gallery. There are artist studios behind the gallery, friendly faces and a nice feeling. Stop in! It's great!

It's Friday again, and it's ART MURMUR, again!

My recommendation is Vessel Gallery. They have a spring showcase on display, presently.

The exhibit at Hatch Gallery also looks interesting. Check it out!

Please leave a comment if you have seen a gallery exhibit recently that sparked your imagination. Also, let me know if you have checked out any of the exhibits that I have posted about. Thanks for reading!


  1. The Nike prophet shoe is hilarious. Certainly going to check out this show. Great find. Thx!

  2. I was able to see the exhibit at Hatch just through the window yesterday. It shook me!


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