Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monthly Positive Dose : Opportunities

"Don't Forget To Be Awesome" taken from Pinterest

Would love to hear your stories of opportunities! Have an awesome month!



  1. When I was in portfolio school, I didn't know how to cook and I was too busy to try out recipes that involved using the gas stove or washing a lot of utensils. So I started improvising with cheap ingredients. (Didn't have any money either) I invented the 'Velveeta and leftovers pizza toast' and 'Sriracha sauce sandwich'. The recipes were staple bound into a book for other cooking impaired college kids. Many kids even offered to pay me for a copy. What?!? This was my small brush with greatness (and disservice to gastronomy) but I'm still quite proud of it. ;)

  2. Thank You Vinit for your fun and out of the box ideas that worked story!


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