Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello from Sunny Alaska.

I am currently on vacation visiting my family in Alaska. They live in Fairbanks, which during the summertime is all about sunshine. The sun never really sets, so the darkest the sky ever gets is what most folks experience at twilight. In celebration of the sun, I wanted to share some of my favorite fun and sun-related craft tutorials.

Turn an old cd into a new suncatcher! Tutorial HERE.

Turn those umbrellas that protected you from spring rains into a new sun shade.

Tutorial c/o CRAFT

If you are spending time in the great outdoors whether it be on an urban hike or a jaunt on a trail, you will need to take your trusty bottle of water with you. Here is a great tutorial from My Recycled Bags on making your own water bottle holder from reused plastic bags.

If you like to be outside and online, reuse a grocery bag to make a sunshade for your laptop. No more glare on that screen!

Tutorial c/o Instructables

And, if you are a sensitive sally like me when it comes to the sun, make yourself a sun hat.

Tutorial c/o CLEAN.

Happy Creating!

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