Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Bend it like Bickham

Penmanship is a dying art. Cursive isn't being taught as much in public schools anymore, and I remember reading an article about it a few months ago noting that some kids now are growing up with signatures composed of all capital letters. You can hardly call that a signature. Katy from Moraga (also known as KisforCalligraphy on Etsy) creates paper goods with a special touch: handwriting.

With Katy's beautiful flow of ink on paper, she offers greeting cards, handmade accessories, envelope seals, and stationery sets — a pretty shop for those still in favor of snail mail and penmanship. Handwriting is something that gives that extra feeling of love and attention and is a detail that can really make wedding materials gorgeous and memorable. Katy offers a deal on wedding envelope addressing in her shop for those brides who are wishing they had more time or attention to spend on their invitation envelopes. If your wedding invitations are well designed and worth keeping, don't downplay them by dismissing how and what they're going to be mailed in.

While I haven't been a bride, but only a bridesmaid, and have worked as a designer in the wedding industry for a couple years, I know a little bit of how stressful planning and getting things together can be for that special day. Addressing envelopes to what seems like an endless guest list could take longer than you think, and that's where Katy and her pen comes in. Her lettering style honors George Bickham's penmanship and the popular formal typeface named after the 18th century master penman, Bickham Script. And, as a designer, I have defaulted to this choice many times because it is elegant and legible. It does its job well.

This is no chore or order to be done and made last minute, as Katy will need about 2 weeks after receiving your envelopes (after you place your order request, beginning with a deposit) to get the job done. She will work with you to make sure your envelopes are what you want!

Check out Katy's listing on Etsy now: Calligraphy Wedding Envelope Addressing (deposit)!

And to those of you browsing for wedding needs and seriously considering Katy's services, congratulations! You definitely deserve the best, and Katy's penmanship is something to fall in love with, too!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

Love & donuts,

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