Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Need a lift?

Butterflies are so light and pure; they can be such a beautiful aspect of nature. Their fluttering wings are constantly a symbol of love, when we try to describe that feeling of happiness, a natural high, and longing for someone else. There is a Japanese superstition that notes if a butterfly comes into your room and lands behind a bamboo screen, the person who you love the most is coming to see you. Some people also say that when a butterfly lands on you, it means good luck. When you're not feeling those butterflies in your stomach, you could be feeling them on your ears and keep some good luck around!

Heidi Rand (also known as GardenDelightsArts on Etsy) from El Cerrito captures the beauty of butterflies and turns them into lightweight dangle earrings. Both a nature photography and teacher, Heidi uses her original photos and crafts them into her works of art. These beautiful butterfly earrings were made from an image Heidi took of a monarch butterfly she raised herself from egg through metamorphosis. Her love for the monarch was transformed into these earrings and a new batch of monarchs that she continues to raise.

Crafted from lutradur, a spun bonded polyester with a texture than only enhances the monarch butterfly pattern, and measuring roughly around 1.25 inches long, this pair of wings will dangle lightly from your ears and give you a lift whenever you want to add something special to your outfit. The vivid orange of the monarch butterfly would pop in front of dark hair and make those with lighter hair look even more natural. For both the type of girl trying to achieve a natural look and the type that has nights out on the town, these earrings are great for a variety of occasions.

Check out GardenDelightsArts's listing on Etsy now: Monarch butterfly wing earrings - original design on lutradur!

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