Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pricing: The Tale of Two Artists

For this month's post, I spoke to two artists. One just starting out. One firmly established. I asked them to pick two of their favorite pieces and explain how they priced them.

The Newbie: Jungshih Wang
Jungshih can't really say when she started making stuff but she's been getting more visibility lately. She had her first public exhibit at the Nucleus Gallery in the Mission just a few months ago.

Evil Teddy
A felt teddy with it's guts hanging out. Not the kind we're used to, yeah?

Price: $666

Jungshih's Pricing Tale:
"If I were to sell this piece at a gallery, I would make price a part of the concept. 666 represents evil. If I were to sell smaller mass produced replicas, at say, Anthropologie, I would look at how other artists are pricing their dolls at retail price. I would ask myself if i would buy my doll at that price. Then ask my friends if they would buy that at that price. Of course, as I get famous, I'll start raising prices. LOL."

The Veteran: Guy Overfelt Guy's work has been exhibited at SFMOMA, Evergold, Somarts and most galleries in San Francisco. He uses mixed media techniques (some which involve tasering himself, or restoring a totalled car for some of his pieces)

Burnout on Linen
Abstract landscapes made by tire marks. Linen was placed under the tires of a restored vintage Mustang.

PRICE: $8000

Guy's Pricing Tale:
"I asked my mom. She looked at the SIZE and says what's size have to with anything. Next TIME and says time? What is time? Next COST what's the cost of cost? And lastly COMPARISON and says we're all unique so there is no comparison. Then I came up with a number keeping in mind people like consistency in prices whether it's milk, gas or art."

Two perspectives. Wildly differing. Guy's explanation sounds cryptic but maybe that's the message, when it comes to pricing, there is no straight answer.

This is a monthly post on the touchiest of all subjects, pricing! See you again in September.


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