Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Small heart, big love

The heart, a symbol with so much meaning, is usually simplified into one shape and one color. From Valentine's Day cards to decks of playing cards, this stylized shape is universally recognized as an expression of love, holding a range of emotions. However, the actual organ inside our bodies looks nothing like this simple shape. Our blood-pumping, fist-sized organ is such a detailed thing that rests inside our chests, with valves and veins wrapped around embracing the busy organ. I've noticed more and more artists crafting items and products trying to recreate the love emotion with a more realistic heart than what you would typically spot on a greeting card at the store or in an email. Then, I spotted a heart that I deemed "cute" because it was small and delicate.

Prima Cristofolo (also known as RanunculusMarket on Etsy) from Oakland translates her deep love for the natural world and the complex beauty of the human body into a whimsical world of crepe paper and fabric. Her semi-anatomically-correct model of the human heart measures one-inch wide and fits snugly cupped in the palm of your hand. Crafted carefully from red and pink crepe paper, this little heart includes ventricles, a right and left atrium, the aorta, and vena cava, as well as veins delicately placed and made from embroidery floss.

Made to order, these little hearts don't take a lifetime or even nine months to create but only three weeks. If you're in a hurry to confess your love and give your heart to someone, be patient. Order with plenty of time! Remember, wise men say only fools rush in. Not just for med school students falling in love with their classmates or those with significant others that are doctors or surgeons, these little hearts are definitely little treasures to keep or gift as a symbol; they are cute and beautiful at the same time in their own way. Though small, they carry a huge meaning and lots and lots of love.

Check out RanunculusMarket's listing on Etsy now: Crepe Paper Heart!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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