Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Apples can keep you healthy and organized

I missed spring cleaning out of pure procrastination, which has brought me to an end-of-summer cleaning mode. I live in a house full of people, so I have to keep my stuff contained in my bedroom. In a room roughly 12' x 10', I have to organize my clothes, hamster, computer table, TV + video games, a bed, couch, my craft table, enough room to practice violin if needed, and actually keep my books on my bookshelf. Organizing needs to be simple and efficient or else I'd go crazy and I wouldn't be able to walk around or do anything in my room. That's where storage containers come in. Bubblesandboo on Etsy offers alternatives to plastic storage bins: cute fabric storage containers made with Japanese cotton.

I have a couple cheap, stiff fabric storage bins for my clothes from my old college days stuffed away in my closet. But as I collect and hoard more and more items from craft stuff to small pet toys to candies in my room, I need to stay organized. What I like about fabric storage containers compared to plastic bins or even department store shopping bags (which I usually default to for stuffing fabric scraps laying around or stationery sets on my desk) is that they are flexible and won't rip and if you drop them, they don't make much of a clash on a hard wood floor as a plastic bin might. You have to be exact with plastic storage bins, otherwise you'll be scraping plastic and eventually cracking your bins if you're really trying to fit those two bins on a shelf that you swear were supposed to fit exactly in that 3-foot space. Or maybe your toys will fall out of that paper bag you thought was sturdy because it's lasted you a year already and you didn't notice that hole in the bottom left corner.

Bubblesandboo has cutely and brightly colored storage bins for these needs, eliminating some of those previously mentioned frustrations with organizing. Patterned with red, orange, yellow and green apples, her apple flavored bucket is trimmed with orange bias tape, lined with natural cotton duck, and keeps its shape and stability with a layer of fusible fleece interfacing. Measuring approximately 7 inches high by 6 inches deep and 7 inches wide, this storage bin would be perfect for numerous organizational needs: paper that needs to be shredded, fabric scraps, skeins of yarn you need to run through, your bunches of socks in the closet, maybe a few hamster toys and tubes that need to be tucked under a table, your kid's collection of hats and gloves for the upcoming winter, those CD jewel cases in your closet you don't touch anymore but want to keep for sentimental value, and so on. You get the idea.

Great for kids and adults, browse bubblesandboo's fabric storage bins in her shop and get organized!

Check out bubblesandboo's listing on Etsy now: fabric storage container - orange apples!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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