Sunday, April 3, 2011

Young at Heart: Secret Message in a Puzzle How-To

What you will need:
-recycled cereal box
-pencils, markers or pens
-glue or glue stick
-this template

1. Download the template here, print it and cut out the puzzle on the SOLID LINES ONLY.

2. Cut open your recycled cereal box so that you have a flat drawing surface as big as your puzzle. (I used the front side so that there weren't any bends and creases.)

3.Use your glue stick to cover the back of your puzzle guide with a thin layer of glue or if you are using a glue bottle make lots of SMALL dots. Just make sure to cover the entire surface, even the corners.

4. Press the gluey side of the puzzle guide to the printed side of your cardboard.

5.Use your (CLEAN) hands to flatten the puzzle down and let it dry.

6.Cut the cardboard from the edges of the puzzle.

7.Turn over the puzzle and write your secret message on the blank side.

8.Now you're ready to cut your puzzle pieces out. Cut along the dotted and dashed lines of the puzzle guide.

You're done! You can send your puzzle to someone in an envelope or give it as a gift.

Now that you know how it's done, you can make a puzzle from just about anything. Try gluing a picture of you and your best friends or drawing something to the blank side of the puzzle. *I would love to see what you come up with!!*

This is just one fun project with recycled cardboard. In this case, the cardboard helps keep the puzzle pieces strong. In other projects cardboard can be used for tons of things. It's easy to cut, easy to draw/paint on and there is SO much cardboard being thrown out all the time. (It's free!)

So give your unwanted cardboard a second life and make someone you know a puzzle to brighten their day!

Thanks for reading and Enjoy!

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