Monday, April 18, 2011

Young At Heart: Make a Foam Stamp

There are so many ways to make fun stamps but this one is by far the easiest! Similar to the idea of woodcut, this stamp is the 5 minute, kid friendly version. Hope you enjoy!

-Thick foam sheet. You can find this stuff in the kids section of most craft stores.
-Stamp Pad

1. Draw your design onto the foam. You may want to practice this first on scratch paper so that your image is exactly how you want it.

2.With your pencil, fill in the background (or negative space) around your image with lines, scribbles or patterns.

(Once that's finished it should look something like this)

3. Cut out your stamp.

4. Press your stamp to the stamp pad.

5. Last, press your stamp to your paper where you want the image.

You're done! It's that easy!
Remember, your stamp should be a mirror image of how you want it to look on paper. This means that if you have words, you'll have to write them backwards.

*(Special thanks to Crystal Sasaki for help on this week's Young at Heart tutorial)*

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  1. I just did something like this at my daughter's school but it was
    printmaking. You rolled paint on to the foam and put it
    in a little press. The results were similar. Fun and easy to do!


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