Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bullets, stars, mushrooms, and bricks

Mario is such an iconic character, that even without being present, items from his "world" are just as loved by video game geeks. For someone who still has a clean, working 8-bit NES (Nintendo Entertainment System for those too young!) with stacks of bulky game cartridges, I'm attracted to the pixelated world of Mario, Zelda, Tetris blocks, Excitebikes, Kid Icarus and ... the list could go on. Outside of the pixel world, the world of Mario lives on in fashion apparel, home decor, and STAMPS!

Jessica from Oakland sells original handmade stamps in her Etsy shop, Enchanting Stamps. In the midst of her elegant underwater-themed stamps and cute ice cream stamps, her Super Mario series stamps pop out and really catch the gamer's eye. Designed with her 6-year old son in mind, her hand carved Super Mario stamp set includes a mushroom stamp to help grow healthy bones, a brick stamp to build solid grounds, a flower stamp that might result in fire breathing, a star stamp for invincibility, and a Bullet Bill stamp.

Hand carved into durable rubber, Jessica's Super Mario stamps give a soft, nice feeling good for paper and fabric projects. As a matter of fact, I think these stamps would be ridiculously fun to stamp on hands, but that's because I like writing notes and things on the back of my hand. The stamps are made to order, and if you'd like different (older) versions of the Super Mario world items, just ask Jessica, who says herself that she'd be happy to make custom stamps.

I think this set of stamps is brilliant, since I imagine having this if I were still a kid and being able to create my own Mario world via stamps and just keep stampin' bricks along and drawing Mario and Luigi where I please. While this doesn't come with a supply of ink, this would still be an awesome gift for the older gamer, the younger gamer, and really anyone who is a fan of Mario. Each stamp is also available individually, but it's definitely a bargain to get the whole set!

Check out EnchantingStamps' listing on Etsy now: Hand Carved Super Mario Stamp Set 1

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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