Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spruce up that ol' zipper jacket!

I walk my dog every morning, usually while still wearing my pajamas. My pjs don't have pockets and neither does the sweater jacket I usually wear, so I decided to add pockets so I'd have a place to keep my keys and my hands on those extra foggy mornings.

If you have a sweater, shirt, or jacket that you would like to make all fancy with some new pockets, then check out the tutorial below!

1. Find a fabric for the outside of your pocket and some fleece or other cozy fabric for the inside of the pocket.

2. Cut the pockets in a slight "U" shape. The opening of the pocket is 5 1/2" and the end of the pocket is 3 1/2". The distance between the opening and the end is 6". Now, of course, you can change the size of the pockets to fit your hands and jacket perfectly.

3. Stack the outside fabric on top of the inside fabric and cut the inside of the fabric about an inch from the top.

4. Fold the extra outside fabric over the inside fabric, iron and sew down.

5. Pin the pockets to the jacket where you feel they will be most comfortable.

6. Sew in place!

Yay for a cute newish sweater jacket with pockets!

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