Monday, April 11, 2011

Monthly Seller Feature: Sarah's Stuffed Socks

Hello there! This month's featured seller is Sarah's Stuffed Socks!

Purple Hedgehog $26

Based in Orinda, this recent college grad, loves creating these cute creatures for the younger humans in her life: "All of my sock animals are 100% hand sewn. So they take me A LOT of time. Even though they are so labor intensive, I continue to make them because I love them so much. I hope you and your loved ones will love them as much as I do."

Striped Sock Elephant $25

SALE: Green Plaid Monkey $24

And just look at those prices! These are a steal and would make excellent handmade gifts for the youngins' in your life.
As Sarah mentions in her profile: "My mom is a professional crafter, so I have been doing one craft or another pretty much since I could first hold something. My new favorite craft is making sock animals, of course."

Her designs are inventive, playful and obviously crafted with love!

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