Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: What is a Green Man?

Don't get freaked out by the face buried in the leaves (unless you have no idea what I'm talking about and didn't immediately spot the eyes and nose) — a Green Man symbolizes rebirth and represents the cycle of growth in his various shapes and forms found in several cultures around the world. Moriahart on Etsy popped out at me with her handcrafted pottery and sculptural items. I found myself browsing her stoneware in her Etsy shop and came across these "Green Men".

If you research and look into what a Green Man is, you'll find many variations on this mythological character, ranging from rounded representations to more rectangular faces to full figured bodies to drawings or sculptures that blend into the stone or metal color that it's attached to. While there are many "Green Men" melded and carved into church details or renaissance buildings and fountains in other parts of the world, moriahart molds lovely low fire white clay in Alameda and breathes life into Green Men of her own creation for you to place in your own home to liven up your walls or garden.

Using an old copper glaze, moriahart's GreenMan measures about seven inches; the light green and blue-green colors are calming and would go well in many places inside or outside the house, giving a subtle essence of spring to its surroundings. Completely freehand, these Green Men are unique, so you can rest assured that no one else will have a identical piece hanging in their home or garden. Summer is a great time to go hunting for more home decor, why not start with an affordable little GreenMan? Save a special spot for it by a window where the sun will shine directly in and give it a new life.

Check out moriahart's listing on Etsy now: GreenMan with Flowers!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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  1. Thanks for the feature! Guess I'll have to get some more of my green men posted!

  2. No problem! I love finding new things, and I've been curious about clay, pottery, stoneware, etc. for a while. : )


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