Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Cute little friends for your wrist

Mark Poulin from Oakland (also known as marmar on Etsy) creates cute little sterling silver charms and jewelry featuring animals and creatures with a fun mouthless and noseless style with beady little eyes pleading you to become their friend. As I was browsing his shop, I kept coming across individual charms or necklaces featuring a little animal I wanted such as a sheep or a little hopping bunny. Then I stumbled across a bracelet that featured multiple little friends!

Mark herded all his little creations together on a charm bracelet, which features a dog, a sheep, a bunny, an owl, a cat, and an elephant — quite the variety! All of their little eyes just stare and at you (in the most non-creepy way possible) and ask, "Aren't I cute?"

With experience as a metalsmith and enamelist, Mark crafts each charm from sterling silver and attached to a sterling-plated adjustable length bracelet with a sterling-plated swivel clasp. So, if you're all about sterling silver, this is a major plus! You can find these individual charms throughout Mark's shop, but if you want a different animal added or substituted or just a different collection of charms altogether on your bracelet, just send Mark a message and he'll work with you to put together the charmed bracelet how you want it. Perhaps your best friend wants a little orbit boy and girl and a more love-themed bracelet or your daughter wants six hopping bunnies on her wrist — just ask Mark and maybe he can make a little magic happen for your special gifting needs!

Check out marmar's listing on Etsy now: Menagerie Charm Bracelet!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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