Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Just going to the beach to tan?

As a resident of San Francisco, I find myself still wearing knit or crocheted clothes layered on top of turtle necks in the middle of July. But, for those of you who actually get to experience summer sunshine, you can still wear a crocheted top without breaking out into a sweat. Annie Chew from Hayward (also known as achewsy1 on Etsy) makes knit bikini tops that are bright and colorful, perfect for those beach days you're planning sans swimming.

Now, I haven't owned a swimsuit or anything of the sort since about 2001 or 2002, so I would consider myself in the market for this stuff. Additionally, as someone who can't really swim and who just hangs out if dragged to the beach, Annie's crocheted bikini tops are the perfect choice for someone like me. They're cute and customizable as well, so even if you don't see a color you like or you have trouble finding things that fit you well because you're part of the itty bitty you-know-what committee, just send Annie a convo on Etsy and talk to her! You can specify your favorite colors, your cup size, and which embellishment you like best (daisy, dragonfly, butterfly, etc.)!

Made of 100% organic cotton vegan yarn, your eco-friendly bikini top will definitely be something unique on your next trip to the beach or the next pool party on your calendar. Any color can be done, so choose your favorites, find out what colors match with your skintone well, or be bold and choose a crazy combination! From kiwi and white to neon colors to beige, think of something and let Annie know what you'd like. All tops feature a pair of aqua glass beads on each end of the straps in the back and one bead in front between cups. Again, as these are super customizable, if you would like a different color bead just let Annie know and she'll work with you to create a bikini top specially for you.

Also, buy 2 or more bikini tops and receive free domestic shipping (or half off international shipping)!

Get Chewsy and check out Annie's listing on Etsy now: DESIGN YOUR OWN Crochet Bikini Top with Organic U.S.A. Grown Cotton Yarn!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

Love & donuts,

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