Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get your head wrapped around this.

I love the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. I feel like every time I go to a new show I am blown away. The newest exhibition, Wrapping Traditions: Korean Textiles Now is no exception. I walked out of that gallery with about 10 ideas for new works. It makes you feel like no material is off limits in terms of looking sophisticated, edgy, classic, whatever you want. As long as you take the time and learn your craft you can create anything you want. I love the concept of creating everything that is around your from your table cloths, to your napkins, to your own clothing. It just breeds gratitude in spades.

Check out the show. I guarantee you will see something you've never seen before and fall in love with several works on display.

Show is open until October 22,2011

*images courtesy of mocfa website*

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