Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Weightless metal

Drawn to moonlike items and crescent shapes, I was drawn in by the shop name alone before even seeing any listings: The Moon Shop. Founded by two individuals from Oakland, Cory & Cassidy offer elegantly made items to wear, created from "the excess of society and the bounty of the earth by using materials that are scavenged, re-purposed, donated, and sustainably produced."

Awed by some of their one-of-a-kind necklaces, the picture of their Copper Eurydice Necklace stopped my eyes for a good minute or so. If the item listing did not have "leather" written in it, I would have never guessed. At first glance, the full necklace appears to be metal. But upon reading the description and staring hard, you will find that this necklace is made from tiny pieces of leather. Ever been bogged down by heavy necklaces? This is the solution! Each hand-cut vintage metallic leather crescent shines with beauty but rests comfortably on your neckline with a featherweight softness.

Perfect for a subtle touch of elegance with a plain black dress or with that favorite forest green knit sweater in your closet you always wear with jeans. Even with a cream colored lace dress, this necklace will add sophistication to your summer or early autumn wardrobe. Either way, this necklace will fit many occasions and would definitely be an item to start up a conversation. A great gift for lovers of metal and earth alike!

Check out TheMoonShop's listing on Etsy now: Copper Eurydice Necklace (leather)!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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