Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Summer in September

Normally, September and October are thought to be autumn months — not in San Francisco. While the rest of the Bay Area decides to start cooling down, San Francisco starts getting hot and the sun starts laughing in our faces. For those of you resting in the shade and enjoying the relaxing fall breeze, there are still summer items that can give your autumn wardrobe a bit more spice.

Sure enough, while I was thinking about pumpkin pie in all its creamy orange deliciousness, I stumbled across Gwen Harlow's shop on Etsy and came across some pretty earrings that accompanied my craving for something pumpkin flavored. Shipping out from Alameda, these earrings would match summer and autumn wardrobes alike. Spice up a strapless summer dress or wear a matching turtle neck leading the viewer's eyes to the leaves dangling from your ears! Vintage lucite golden leaves hang between crystal-centered white flowers: you can call these cute, hot, romantic, or just simply beautiful.

Whether you consider these more summer or more autumn, they're an absolutely affordable and amazing find if you're looking for a gift in the jewelry department or are an earring fiend like myself and just want another pair of dangling goodies. Is your girlfriend a Virgo? If you haven't gotten her a gift for her upcoming birthday, you've got about three more days left in the zodiac season to think of something quick. Even if you missed it or are going to miss it and end up presenting her with a belated birthday gift, these earrings are nice enough that she might forgive you. Or if she's a Libra, you've maybe got a little more time — decide now and have these arrive in your mailbox just in time!

Get them before I decide to!

Check out gwen's listing on Etsy now: Summer leaves earrings, golden brown vintage lucite!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

Love & donuts,


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