Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patter, the little blue robot

Robots this and robots that: they're things that conjure up an image quite mechanical, right? Maggie Hurley from Berkeley (also known as hushmouse on Etsy) begs to differ, with her beautiful original robot prints.

Sometimes I think robots are "cute", but when I was browsing in Maggie's shop, I actually saw robots as creatures, not just "things", and purely beautiful. Maggie's prints are from digitally colored original pencil sketches on a scanned wood panel background; they are printed on heavy matte paper for a outstanding finish and mounted on wood, ready to hang in your house! To give the robots a little extra protection, a coat of gloss is added.

As a designer, I browse art and prints with a fairly critical disposition. Of course, I have my own biases and preferences. Questions that generally come to mind are, "Will this fit in with the rest of my room or house?" and "Do I have to shop for a frame to go with this as well?" and lastly,"Can I afford this?" Fortunately, for Patter the robot, the calming shades of light golden yellow dandelions makes the round blue robot pop out in a most reassuring manner, saying, "You'll definitely enjoy my company in your house," and with Maggie's presentation, once the print arrives at your doorstep, you can open up your package and hang it up right away.

Fine art sometimes sell for hundreds of dollars, but these whimsical prints are very affordable and can serve as extraordinary gifts for robot lovers, art aficionados, and color enthusiasts alike. Maggie's robots are a unique set; Patter has other robot friends that would go well around your house with each other. "Patter is off watering" is a limited edition print of 50 — get yours now!

Check out hushmouse's listing on Etsy now: Patter is off watering - on Wood

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Love & donuts,


  1. I love it when robots have personality, like Wall-E or Number 5. This one is just great!

  2. Paige: I know, right? : )

    SleightGirl: me too! What really struck me about Patter (and all of Maggie's robot series) is that the robots are mechanical, but not in the same sense as a "typical" blocky robot -- you see that the robot is (maybe) metal and you see the mechanics on the outside, but the face gives the robot a soft feeling and makes it more personable.

  3. Thank so much for the introduction to a great new artist. I love this piece to bits.

  4. this series is wonderful! I love that they are household objects made into robots. I have a series of very different, more traditional robots coming to my shop soon. I just love robots!

  5. LuluGrey: I'm glad Maggie's part of EBAC! I love her stuff. : )

    PunkRawkPurl: can't wait to see what you got going!

  6. Wow - thanks for the fantastic write-up and all the warm, fuzzy words! I'm actually using this icky rainy day to add to my little robot collection!

  7. AHHH, I love love love the robots, Maggie! They're really like nothing I've seen before and they're so beautiful. : )


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