Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Money to burn

In the best way possible do I combine "money" and "burn" in the same phrase. Ever feel the need to just clear out your wallet or a coin purse? Are those loose bills and clinking pieces of metal at the bottom of your bag or in your pockets itching to get out? Instead of spending your spare change on something small, dedicate yourself to putting it away somewhere in your room. If you want something special to put it in, consider a piggy bank. Too cliché? Not this one.

Diana Petty (also known as SouthpawPolymer on Etsy) has created a fiery little piggy bank for you to put those extra dollar bills burning a hole in your pocket. This little one can take the heat — it says, "Keep those monies coming!" Maybe you're kid or little nephew is trying to save up for that toy he's been dying to get; place this on his desk and its red hot "scales" will show him to stay tough and to not touch that money until he's absolutely sure he can afford that new gadget! If you think pink is too cute for you, this is a far step from the common pink or silver oink.

Crafted by layering 175 polymer clay petals on a ceramic piggy bank protects your money with a gradient of rich colors from bright translucent amber to an intense orange and a deep garnet red. Carefully cut and placed by hand, each fiery petal is embossed with tiny stitch details accented with russet red pigment powder. Finally, this little one is finely sanded, decorated with neutral-tone alcohol inks, and drip glazed for a mottled glossy finish, shining with a craving for saving money. Perhaps you'd like to save money for a new BBQ so you can roast a real pig that you've really been craving or glaze some ham for the holidays.

Whatever the purpose — gift, small personal savings, little goals, or even just home decor — Diane's little pig comes tissue wrapped in a lidded gift box tied with fabric ribbon ready to do its job.

Check out SouthpawPolymer's listing on Etsy now: Fireflower Piggy Bank Amber Orange Crimson!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

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