Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Item Feature: Glowing spider webs

It's that month for spook and spices, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pies. In a few weeks, parents will be worrying about cavities and kids will be running around for candies. But here's a find that will warm the hearts of parents and the rooms of kids. Crooked Sister on Etsy offers glowing Halloween-themed paper lanterns without being scary; in fact, these paper lanterns are a nice and affordable decoration for the upcoming holiday.

Dimly lit through hand-poked black cardstock, the image of a spider and its web will provide a faint fascination for kids or adult lovers of Halloween (or spiders in general). Two of the panels on this paper lantern are decorated with this eight-legged creature; let your kids enjoy the sight of a spider without worrying that it'll be crawling up your arm at night or your hand might accidentally sweep through a web in a long untouched corner somewhere.

Measuring about 3" wide by 6" tall when set up, this octagonal pair of lanterns (yes, you get two!) will look best when lit with smaller candles (such as tea lights) inside mason jars. It is advised to use jars since the glass will help disperse the light and will create a more luminescent lantern — plus, it is a much safer way to give this treat a glow without worrying the paper will burn! While the paper lanterns do not come with candles or jars, these are easy to find items (and if you have a jar of pasta sauce sitting around, make some spaghetti, wash out the jar, take off the label, and you got some glass to use).

Check out CrookedSister's listing on Etsy now: Halloween Spider Web Lantern 2 Pack!

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  1. Love it! So simple but creative. Instead of candles there are always battery powered LED tea lights one could use.

  2. Good point, Rae! These would be nice to put in windows at night. : )


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